In the machine learning world, there has yet to be a model that is 100% accurate, most especially in real-world situations where data can be varied or not necessarily correlated with each other. Consequently, this begs the question: “How is the accuracy of an ML model obtained or measured in the first place in predicting a given output?” Well, it all lies in the ML algorithm a machine uses to estimate or approximate its predictions.

What is Linear Regression?

In your statistics classes, the so-called “line of best-fit” is precisely the regression line being referred to here. Oftentimes, the process of linear regression involves…

Throw back (or forward) to your high school math classes. Remember that one lesson in algebra about the graphs of functions? Well, try visualizing what a parabola looks like, perhaps the equation y = x². Now, I know what you’re thinking: How does this simple graph relate to this article’s title? To how machines learn? Well, it actually points to one of the fundamental concepts of machine learning — optimization.

What is a Loss Function?

In typical machine learning problems, there is always an input and a desired output. However, the machine doesn’t really know that. Instead, the machine uses some of the input that…

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision

Source: Vecteezy

Author(s): Sean Chua, Martin Gomez

After many years abroad, Juan finally had a good reason to go back home to Iloilo in the Philippines. His parents and wife are in the vibrant festival city, and staying with them is his only son Kiko. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit his workplace, and the country that has been hosting him for work has mandated that all foreigners be sent home and be on a work-from-home model. This was pronounced by the said country’s government in the hope that it would help alleviate its already overburdened healthcare system.

Three days before Juan flew…

Sean Chua

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